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Australasian Journal of Disaster and
Trauma Studies

ISSN: 1174-4707

Published by:

School of Psychology
Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand

The Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal utilising the Internet as a medium for the collation and distribution of original material on disaster and related psychological trauma studies within Australasia. It is funded by the School of Psychology via the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University and GNS Science, New Zealand. Research and professional practice covering disaster and trauma work is growing within this region but there is currently a lack of a dedicated journal serving those with a direct interest in this area. Launching this electronic journal on the Internet offers a relatively cost-effective means of providing this medium, and one which offers the potential for the prompt publication of articles and the dissemination of information to those with an interest in this topic.

The Journal will provide a forum for the publication of original research, reviews and commentaries which will consolidate and expand the theoretical and professional basis of the area. Coverage will include disaster and trauma mitigation and prevention, response, support, recovery, treatment, policy formulation and planning and their implications at the individual, group, organisational and community level. The Journal is interested in events of natural, technological and human-induced origin and their effects at individual, community, organisational and national levels.

The Journal also recognises the multi-disciplinary nature of research and practice in this area. It seeks to attract contributions from academics and practitioners from diverse professional backgrounds, including, but not restricted to, those in mental health, physical and geological sciences, social sciences, and health and welfare services. Consequently, it will actively seek not only contributions which represent professional and agency interest, but also multi-disciplinary articles and reviews which demonstrate a holistic response to disaster and trauma management. The valuable role of Masters and Doctoral students in this context is also recognised. It is intended that the journal will provide both encouragement and opportunity for them to publish their work.

The incidence of disaster and trauma is increasing. In many areas within Australasia, natural hazards will continue to represent a threat to individuals and communities. Moreover, within progressively more complex societies large scale technological and human-induced catastrophes are likely to increase in incidence. The destruction and loss of life generated by such events is widely acknowledged, as is the widespread psychological, social, community and economic problems they leave in their wake. The growing incidence of such events calls for greater readiness and response capability. The unpredictability of disasters in terms of their nature, timing, duration and location places unavoidable limits on the effectiveness of preparations for their management. It is anticipated that the Journal can provide an additional resource in such circumstances by providing access to commentaries from experts throughout the region in a timely manner. The case material developed in this manner will also, with the consent and due acknowledgement from those providing an input in these circumstances, represent a valuable teaching resource.

The publication of an article in the Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies does not necessarily imply that the Journal or its Editorial Board accepts or endorses the views or opinions expressed in it.

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