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Disaster and Trauma Studies

ISSN:  1174-4707
Volume : 19, IRDR Conference Special Issue

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Contents page -Volume 19, IRDR Conference Special Issue


The importance of theory, analysis and practice to integrated disaster research: Introduction to the IRDR Conference Special Issue
Thomas J. Huggins & David M. Johnston

Keywords: disaster risk, analysis, theory, practice, social dimensions, integrated research

Community-led disaster risk management: A Māori response to Ōtautahi (Christchurch) earthquakes
Christine M. Kenney, Suzanne R. Pjibbs, Douglas Paton, John Reid & David M. Johnston

Keywords: Integrated, Risk, Governance, Indigenous, Management

Defining disaster: The need for harmonisation of terminology
Lidia Mayner & Paul Arbon

Keywords: text analysis, disaster, terminology, definitions, glossary

A needs-based approach for exploring vulnerability and response to disaster risk in rural communities in low income countries
David Oscar Yawson, Michael Osei Adu, Frederick Ato Armah, Joseph Kusi, Isaac Gershon Ansah & Canford Chiroro

Keywords: vulnerability, flood risk, disaster response, needs-based approach, northern Ghana, low income countries

Emergency preparedness and perceptions of vulnerability among disabled people following the Christchurch earthquakes: Applying lessons learnt to the Hyogo Framework for Action
Suzanne Phibbs, Gretchen Good, Christina Severinsen, Esther Woodbury & Kerry Williamson

Keywords: disaster, disability, preparedness, vulnerability, risk

Environment as trickster: Epistemology and materiality in disaster mitigation
Roberto E. Barrios

Keywords: epistemology, modernity, disasters, material agency, development

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