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Volume 23, Number 2

Published: December 2019

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Volume 23, Number 2 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 23, Number 2



Pathways to Earthquake Resilience: Learning from past events

Lauren J. Vinnell, Caroline Orchiston, Julia Becker, & David Johnston

Keywords: Earthquake, resilience, research, practice, New Zealand

Research Papers

Risk judgments and social norms: Do they relate to preparedness after the Kaikōura earthquakes

John McClure, Millie Ferrick, Liv Henrich, & David Johnston

Keywords: Earthquake, risk perception, norms, preparedness, optimism

The impact of the Kaikōura earthquake on risk-related behaviour, perceptions, and social norm

Lauren J. Vinnell, Taciano L. Milfont, & John McClure

Keywords: Earthquake, New Zealand, natural experiment, earthquake preparation, social norms

From physical disruption to community impact: modelling a Wellington Fault earthquake

Charlotte Brown, Garry McDonald, S. R. Uma, Nicky Smith, Vinod Sadashiva, Rob Buxton, Emily Grace, Erica Seville, & Michelle Daly

Keywords: Disaster impact, socio-economic modelling, disaster recovery, Wellington Fault earthquake


Research Updates

Disaster resilience in Wellington’s hotel sector: Research update and summary

Nancy A. Brown, Jane E. Rovins, Caroline Orchiston, Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, & David Johnston

Keywords: Tourism, resilience, capital, hotels, disaster

Business recovery from disaster: A research update for practitioners

Elora Kay, Charlotte Brown, Tracy Hatton, Joanne R. Stevenson, Erica Seville, & John Vargo

Keywords: Business recovery, organisational resilience, disasters, disaster recovery


Practice Updates

Wellington City’s response to the November 2016 Kaikōura earthquake

Simon Fleisher

Keywords: Civil Defence, emergency management, disaster response, Kaikōura earthquake

Wellington Resilience workshop: Creating shared ideas and meanings

Nancy A. Brown, Emily Campbell, David Johnston, Helen McCracken, Sophie Bradley, Scott Dray, & Dan Neely

Keywords: Resilience, culture, community, co-creation, participatory

Operationalising theory-informed practice: Developing resilience indicators for Wellington, Aotearoa
New Zealand

Elora Kay, Joanne R. Stevenson, Julia Becker, Emma Hudson-Doyle, Lucy Carter, Emily Campbell, Sam Ripley, David Johnston, Dan Neely, & Chris Bowie

Keywords: Resilience measurement, operationalisation, knowledge co-production, top-down and bottom-up assessment


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