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Volume 22, Port Hills Wildfire Special Issue

Published: December 2018

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Volume 22, Port Hills Wildfire Special Issue (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 22, Port Hills Wildfire Special Issue


Special Issue Editorial

Editorial: Special Issue on the Port Hills wildfire

E.R. (Lisa) Langer, J. McLennan & D.M. Johnston

Keywords: Port Hills, Canterbury, wildfire, emergency management

Research Papers

The 2017 Port Hills wildfires – a window into New Zealand’s fire future?

H. G. Pearce

Keywords: wildfire risk, rural-urban interface, house loss, New Zealand

Institutionalising wildfire planning in New Zealand: Lessons learnt from the 2009 Victoria bushfire experience

M. Kornakova & B. Glavovic

Keywords: land-use planning, wildfire risk, Port Hills fire, New Zealand, Victoria bushfires, Australia, institutional barriers, institutional enablers

Christchurch’s peri-urban wildfire management strategy: How does it measure up with international best practice?

S. Kraberger, S. Swaffield & W. McWilliam

Keywords: wildfire hazard, wildfire risk, wildfire threat, wildfire management strategies

Wildfire risk awareness, perception and preparedness in the urban fringe in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Public responses to the 2017 Port Hills wildfire

E.R. Langer & Simon Wegner

Keywords: urban fringe, rural-urban interface, risk perception, risk awareness, preparedness

The Port Hills fire and the rhetoric of lessons learned

R. Montgomery

Keywords: lessons learned; lessons management; learning legacy; elite panic; situational awareness; social media; enabling communities.

An integrative review of the 2017 Port Hill fires' impact on animals, their owners and first responders’ encounters with the human-animal interface

H. Squance, D. M. Johnston, C. Stewart & C. B. Riley

Keywords: Animal welfare, emergency management, wildfire, 2017 Port Hills fires


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