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Volume 20, People in Disasters Special Issue

Published: December 2016

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Volume 20, People in Disasters Special Issue (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 20, People in Disasters Special Issue

Special Issue Editorial

First International Conference on People in Disasters

Joanne M Deely & Michael W Ardagh

Keywords: Canterbury earthquakes, Australian bushfires and floods, psychosocial wellbeing, mental illness, community response

Research Papers

The Cat’s Cradle of Responsibility: Assigning and Taking Responsibility for Companion Animals in Natural Disasters

Cheryl Travers, Chris Degeling & Melanie Rock

Keywords: companion animal, responsibility, taxonomy, natural disaster, Black Saturday

A Review of Compassion Fatigue of Nurses During and After the Canterbury Earthquakes

Jai Chung & Nicky Davies

Keywords: compassion fatigue, earthquake, emotional exhaustion, disaster, nursing

‘Te Waioratanga’: Health Promotion Practice - The Importance of Māori Cultural Values to Wellbeing in a Disaster Context and Beyond

Emma Rawson

Keywords: Māori, wellbeing, Te Waioratanga, Māori health promotion, responsiveness

An Innovative Response to Family Violence After the Canterbury Earthquake Events: Canterbury Family Violence Collaboration’s Achievements, Successes, and Challenges

Lesley M Campbell & Susie J Jones

Keywords: family violence, collaboration, cross sector, disasters

Resilience in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes Following an Earthquake

Heidi Su, Helen Lunt & Kit Hoeben

Keywords: disaster medicine; type 1 diabetes, resilience

Building Resilience Through Post-Disaster Community Projects: Responses to the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes and 2011 Tōhoku Tsunami

Maria R Dionisio & Eric Pawson

Keywords: community resilience; earthquake recovery; community-driven projects; Christchurch; Tōhoku

Ripples of Recovery and Resilience: Tracking the Effects of the Canterbury Earthquakes on Older New Zealanders

Fiona Alpass, Sally Keeling, Brendan Stevenson, Joanne Allen & Christine Stephens

Keywords: older people, longitudinal study, reported earthquake effects

Thriving After Trauma: Posttraumatic Growth Following the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence

Rebekah Smith, Virginia V W McIntosh, Janet D Carter, Helen Colhoun, Jenny Jordan, Frances A Carter & Caroline J Bell

Keywords: posttraumatic growth, resilience, gender, earthquake


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