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Volume 25, Number 3

Published: December 2021

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Volume 25, Number 3 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 25, Number 3



Citizen science initiatives in high-impact weather and disaster risk reduction

Lauren J. Vinnell, Julia S. Becker, Anna Scolobig, David M. Johnston, Marion L. Tan & Lisa McLaren

Keywords: Citizen science, high-impact weather, earthquakes, disaster risk reduction


Research Updates

Using citizen data to understand earthquake impacts: Aotearoa New Zealand’s earthquake Felt Reports

Tatiana Goded, Marion L. Tan, Julia S. Becker, Nick Horspool, Silvia Canessa, Rand Huso, Jonathan Hanson & David M. Johnston

Keywords: New Zealand, Felt Reports, citizen science, macroseismic intensity

Build and measure: Students report weather impacts and collect weather data using self-built weather

Thomas Kox, Henning W. Rust, Bianca Wentzel, Martin Göber, Christopher Böttcher, Jonas Lehmke, Elisabeth Freundl & Matthias Garschagen

Keywords: Citizen science, motivation, weather, impacts, observation


Practice Update

Experience from large-scale crowdsourcing via weather apps

Harald Kempf

Keywords: Crowdsourcing, app, weather, best practice


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