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Volume 27, Number 1

Published: December 2023

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Volume 27, Number 1 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 27, Number 1

Research Papers

Non-specific psychological distress following the Christchurch earthquake: 10 years later - How are they doing now?

Lynne Briggs, Kathryn Hay, Patricia Fronek & Sue Bagshaw

Keywords: Disasters, earthquakes, early intervention, SF-36, Demoralization DS-II, subjective incompetence, hopelessness

Recovery workers who have also been personally affected by disasters: Exploring the perspective of people who have dual experiences of disaster recovery

Kate Brady, Lisa Gibbs & Louise Harms

Keywords: Disaster recovery, recovery workers, emergency management, disaster, recovery

Sustaining research and researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A dose of the collective method as a strategy

Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Dana M. Greene, Shawna Bendeck, Sonya Cowan, Christine Gibb & Simone H. Goertz

Keywords: Collective method, slow disaster, reflexivity, COVID-19

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